Steps of amusement park construction

1) In the first stage, you should plan for the type of park and attract capital;

If I want to explain this more fully, I have to say that you must first thoroughly analyze the area in which you intend to build an amusement park.

The first step in analyzing the area is whether another amusement park has already been built near your chosen area !!!!

This is very important because the style of the amusement park is not like that of restaurants, for example, if there are ten restaurants on a street,

And eleven people should come and establish their own restaurant safely on that street.

Competition in the construction of amusement parks is very key and important.

If an amusement park has already been built near your chosen area, and the investor insists on building an amusement park there, it is definitely hard work and he must use a service and equipment that his competitor does not have to succeed. And to be popular.

For example, there is an electric car track in all amusement parks, so anyone who wants to build a new amusement park should do something different.

And the second thing that should be considered in the field of land analysis to build an amusement park is that;

The investor must attract capital according to the population and the attraction of that area, which means that if a region or city has a total population of one million people, the investor should not spend billions for that area.

Therefore, the investor must always consider the ratio of population and budget to build a playground.

2) The right to choose an investor to build an amusement park

At this stage, the investor can choose whether he intends to establish a new park or just wants a franchise.

Mohammadi’s group offers to those who are left between these two paths;

If you are inexperienced in building amusement parks,

And this is the first time you have stepped in this way, it is better to choose the right to vote and leave the management to a person or company that is a brand in this field, observing the necessary points.

But if you are an experienced person in this field, we definitely suggest you to build a new park. It is true that this mode has risks, but instead has several benefits, for example;

Creating a new park allows you to have more control over the attractions offered and the type of park and plan for it as you wish.

For example, at the moment, using a track car is very exciting and attractive.

3) Use an experienced group to conduct a feasibility study

As we mentioned in the first case, it takes a lot of capital to start building an amusement park, and if you do not have enough experience or do not hire professional and experienced people in your collection, it will definitely fail. You will.

If you hire professionals, they will do a thorough feasibility study to estimate costs, revenue, number of clients at the beginning of the job, and…

This helps a lot with the work process and the costs involved.

4) We should think about writing a business plan

When the work of specialists is completed in the third case;

Now is the time to write a strategic plan based on the work of the third case experts.

This means that if you want to have a successful business, you must first make your own business plan, in order to analyze and evaluate the feasibility of the third case experts.

Here we have tried to go into details that will help you write your design.

So join me so we can get more information about building an amusement park.

General information about your business:

At this stage, it should be clear what is the general concept of your business ?!

What kind of park are you going to build !!?

What are your strengths / weaknesses ?!

What is your goal in building an amusement park !! And do you have long-term goals or not ?!

All of this allows you to determine whether you are on the right track or on the wrong track !!!!

Marketing Planning:

Once the amusement park is completed, you need to know how you plan to promote your park and how you want to connect with your customers.

Operational planning and planning:

Try to do personal projects that complete your goals.

for example; You can hire an architect to follow the basics of building a playground,

Or hire experienced managers to help you make better decisions about hiring employees and their salaries, and much more.

Financial planning:

We have included financial planning as a last resort, but it is interesting to note that the first thing an investor pays attention to is;

How much capital is needed to buy amusement equipment and build an amusement park !!!

What happens to employees’ salaries and their insurance premiums !!!

What is the cost of advertising and marketing to attract customers !!!

How to sell game royalties !!!

And …

In general, it can be said that the investor tries to estimate the costs of the amusement park construction project for the first 5 years.

The following four tips will help you write a business plan.

Mohammadi Industrial Group is by your side, so that you can present the best business plan.

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5) Collaborate with an experienced company to design and build an amusement park

Because you need a lot of capital to build an amusement park and buy amusement equipment, it is usually zero to one hundred.