Amusement equipment and its price


Amusement equipment and its price is the first thing th

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at comes to the mind of someone who intends to build and operate an amusement park.

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I think it is better to start with what is an amusement park?

And where was the first country that launched an environment called amusement park !!!

Comprehensive definition of amusement park:

It is not bad to know that the word amusement park is Latin for Amusement Park.

As the Latin name implies, amusement parks are usually large parks where amusement rides and equipment

It is located for different ages, it is called amusement park.

In general it can be said; The definition of amusement park mentioned in the paragraph above is the same everywhere in the world, but how

Standards vary across amusement parks around the world.

For example, the Australian standard is the most complete standard in the world, but neither Iran nor European countries have it.

Do not fully comply.

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Now if you agree, let’s take a look at the history of amusement equipment together.

History of amusement park equipment

In this section, we examine the history of amusement parks both in the world and in Iran.

The first amusement park in the world:

The first and oldest amusement park in the world was built in 1846 in North America, called “Composite Lake”.

The first amusement park in Iran:

The oldest amusement park in Iran, which started operating with basic amusement equipment, was in Sangalaj, Tehran.

It was not long before the “Fanfar” amusement park was set up in Vanak Square, and after that, Italian engineers established the “Luna Park Evin” amusement park in Iran.

Simultaneously with the establishment of Luna Amusement Park, Italian engineers re-launched another amusement park called Khorram Park.

تاریخچه شهربازی

اولین شهربازی دنیا

It is interesting to know that Khorram Park is our “Eram Park”.

After the construction of Eram amusement park, the construction of small and large amusement parks started all over Iran and this process continued.

Well, friends, so far we have tried to explain briefly and usefully about the amusement park and its history.

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If one intends to build an amusement park, one needs to know the necessary permits to set up the amusement park.

Explain zero to one hundred permits required for construction and amusement equipment

1) A person who decides to build an amusement park, in the first step must buy or rent a relatively large and suitable space.

2) In the second step, you should think about buying amusement equipment. This step is very sensitive and important because that person must find a company that is qualified in the field of amusement equipment carpet and also has a standard license and license to sell amusement equipment.

3) In the third stage, the person must go to the standard office, the province or city where he intends to build the amusement park, and prepare the code of the place of operation and the code of the operator.


اولین شهربازی ایران

Of course, it goes without saying that if the investor is the first time he has decided to build an amusement park and has a similar experience

No, you need to take training courses.

After the investor has gone through all these steps, he must now enter the last stage, which is the installation of amusement equipment in the desired location.

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Now that you are familiar with the construction process and equipment of the amusement park, let’s examine the basic criteria for setting up an amusement park together.

Important steps and criteria for amusement equipment and its construction

As mentioned above, the investor who intends to buy and build amusement equipment must use relatively large land and park resources. To do this, the person must prepare a proposal and submit that proposal to the municipality.

How to prepare this proposal is very important. Mohammadi team with the most professional people will accompany you in preparing a comprehensive proposal.

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شهربازی سرپوشیده

The next point is that the investor, in order to buy amusement equipment, must keep in mind that if it is going to

If you spend a few billion to buy amusement equipment, you should definitely choose a city with a population of several million.

After going through these steps, it is time to buy amusement equipment from a reputable company.

It is interesting to know that since 2003, standard compulsion has been required for amusement equipment, which means that if you have all the licenses

Get the necessary to build a playground, but your playground equipment does not have a standard license, you are allowed to use and

You do not have a start.

Different types of amusement park (amusement park)

If we want to categorize the amusement park in general, I must say that we have two types;

One is an outdoor amusement park and one is an indoor amusement park.

In the continuation of this article, we are going to explain the open and closed ones separately.

So stay with Mohammadi team.


ساخت شهربازیIn the continuation of this article, we are going to explain the open and closed ones separately.

So stay with Mohammadi team.

In the continuation of this article, we are going to explain the open and closed ones separately.

So stay with Mohammadi team.

In the continuation of this article, we intend to