Knocking machine track

The pounding machine is one of the most popular playground equipment.

In general it can be said; Driving at high speed without fear of accidents and its dangers can only be experienced on a crash track.

There are no restrictions on driving electric cars and you can easily crash into each other as much as you want.

Mohammadi Industrial Group always tries to increase the pleasure for you dear ones by using professional lighting and exciting music.

In this section, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about the crash track.

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Types of pounding machine

1) Electricity from the ceiling

2) Electricity from the floor

In the following, we will examine these two cases together.

Explain the electrical model of the ceiling

In this model, from the track of the beating machine, its electrification is done through the nets that are installed in the roof.

That is, each car has a metal-like antenna, and that antenna is connected to a grid-shaped roof, through which electricity is transmitted and causes the car to move.

During the construction of the amusement park, the floor of the electric car track is covered with 5 mm sheets, which creates more security.

The capacity of the hammer machine is suitable for two people and its speed is 8-12 km / h.

Explain the electrical model of the floor

In general, it can be said that this model is divided into two types: “portal” and “welding”.

In the following, we will give a short and useful explanation about each of them.

If you are planning to build an electric car track in an indoor amusement park, you must;

Under the track chassis, use springs with a diameter of 7 cm to prevent the transfer of impact to the roof of the lower floor.

In addition, these springs bear the weight of heavy track plates.

But if you want to run this track in an open amusement park, you do not need these springs at all.

Just note that the distance from the roof of the track is 130 cm.

In addition, the voltage required for the pitching machine in both indoor and outdoor playground models is 220 volts.

Well friends, now let’s give a brief explanation of Rajab portable and welding model.

Portable track model

In the portable model, the track plates are placed on the substructure and are bolted together in one piece.

And if you touch the track of the threshing machine, the electric current is fully felt.

Track welding model

In this model, as its name suggests, the plates are placed 1 × 1 and 2 × 1 next to each other and are welded together.

The diameter of these plates can be different sizes, but they usually use a diameter of 3 mm.

And between the two sides of these plates, MDF wood is placed 29 or 30 mm wide, which makes you not feel the current.

After examining the different types of pounding machine, it is not bad to talk a little about its price;

Price of construction of a pounding machine track

If the investor intends to build an amusement park, it is in his interest to use a pounding machine track.

Due to their light weight, these types of slopes are suitable for different types of amusement parks (outdoor and indoor).

How to price this type of tracks is in square meters;

The price of each square meter of electric floor from the floor: 1/480/000 thousand tomans

And the price of each square meter of electric track from the ceiling is 1/380/000 Tomans.

Do not worry about the high cost, because the standard size of space required for the tracking machine should be between 17 and 22 square meters on average.

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